Work (Demo)

by Jon Stor

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released June 1, 2018

Jon Stor - Vocals and lyrics
Josh Storm - Modular synthesizer and digital production




Jon Stor Chicago, Illinois

Electronics and shouting

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Track Name: dreams of being radicalized
Walking on the trading floor
It is hard to argue that I haven’t changed

And I know I would be lying
If I said this were for the best

I never wanted to be elite
I just wanted to be comfortable
But it is hard to distinguish
Where that line is now

And in piling my privilege higher
I know I am leaving behind
Those that I call my friends
And the ones I love

But I will stand by this
There is one thing that separates me
From the rest of this trading floor

When the guillotine
Comes for my neck

I will die
Happier than I ever lived
Track Name: drones and me
Bury the thoughts
That haunt my head

Of me and you
In that room where I was so powerless

I couldn’t find
The will to fight
Despite all my rehearsing
From the times before

I knew this was coming
I knew where this was going
I knew what I’d see
I knew what you’d do to me

And now I just bury the thoughts
Repeating to myself -
Don’t think about it
Don’t think
Don’t think about it

Now the time has gone
And I can’t make it change

So I lie to myself
Saying that I will one day get over this
or forget it all

And now I just bury the thought
repeating to myself -
Don't think
Don’t think about it

Because you were the one
who did this to me
You were the one
who made the mistake

It wasn’t me

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